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Ristorante “La Casina”

You can taste typical Tuscan specialties in Montepulciano.

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“La Casina” was born in 2011, in a completely new building (built one year before), where the traditional Tuscan architecture cohabit with the modern interior space. The best part is for sure the terrace/garden, usable in the summer season, where you can enjoy the nice landscape (“Cortona” in front of us and “Montepulciano” old town on the left side).

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We value the local products


The cooking is absolutely traditional, based on typical products of our land such as cured pork meats, cheese, mushrooms, truffle, meat and homemade pasta. The philosophy is the one of a person born here, grown up in this land, who loves it, thus to promote our territory and its small companies and to show our guests the real traditional cooking




pasta with truffles and asparagus

Fresh products


Fresh products

Professional experience of over 40 years

The cooking

Our cooking is based on Tuscan traditional food, enriched with some different plates which have always distinguished the restaurant. Our “tagliolino”, for example, has received even some national awards. Regarding the tipical food, you can find here the Tuscan starter (cured pork meats and typical sauces on a toasted bread), the “Pici” (big and longer hand-made spaghetti) with meat sauce, the “T-bone steak” and much more; for a better understanding you can consult here the Menù. What we are proud to say is that we are able to find the row material on our area and to use them as a fresh and high quality products. We also are usual to exclude “food out of season” from our menu, changing it season after season, in order to avoid the use of less qualitative materials.

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A particular attention

to the selection of the wine


DOC and DOCG Wines

The Cellar

La cantina è ideata a partire da vini del territorio, della nostra zona, e più in generale di vini che ricoprono bene le DOC e DOCG della Toscana, anche quelle minori; a questo si aggiungono delle chicche, ben selezionate, di importanti zone viticole Italiane. La filosofia è che il miglior abbinamento del vino è sempre con il cibo del territorio;
è infatti suggerito agli ospiti di chiedere informazioni sul migliore vino, in relazione ad un determinato piatto scelto per apprezzare il territorio al 100 %. Nel nostro locale troverete proprio per questo una vasta gamma di vini al bicchiere e la possibilità di fare sempre la scelta migliore