The Restaurant

tuscan restaurant montepulciano

The Restaurant

“La Casina” was born in 2011, in a completely new building (built one year before), where the traditional Tuscan architecture cohabit with the modern interior space. The best part is for sure the terrace/garden, usable in the summer season, where you can enjoy the nice landscape (“Cortona” in front of us and “Montepulciano” old town on the left side). The cooking is absolutely traditional, based on typical products of our land such as cured pork meats, cheese, mushrooms, truffle, meat and homemade pasta. The philosophy is the one of a person born here, grown up in this land, who loves it, thus to promote our territory and its small companies and to show our guests the real traditional cooking. What you can find in the plate, coming to our pace, is obtained by more than 40 years professional experience of the owner (chef and sommelier), by the passion he always put on it, motivated and supported also by his sons and wi
fe, all inside the business. The place results in a familiar and welcoming environment with, at the same time, a lot of professionality and knowledge which could be used by guests in order to leave our restaurant very satisfied.




Booking via the web

You can contact us for reservations or info by writing to the email or by filling out the request form.

Telephone booking

Also you can contact us by phone +39 0578 799294.
We are open every day.






    A family that has always had a passion for good food, cooking and loved our traditions …. and that in the person of Riccardo (chef and owner) has made this a reason for work and satisfaction.

    Riccardo indeed, arrives at the current time with a career of over 40 years, started when he was a boy in the seasons to stay, passed through various experiences in Italy and abroad until the opening of his first place, 20 years ago … there were many satisfactions in the career but the desire to do is always that of the boy …




    Riccardo Valenti


    The kitchen has always been his passion, he understands it soon, he is fortunate to collaborate with professionals in the small sector, including his father-in-law from whom he learns a lot, and the ability to combine everything in dishes that are an expression of a territory and a culture now known by few, but appreciated by a lot of people.